Web Design Studying Progress

So here’s some progress in my knowledge, from a while ago. I ended up signing up with Treehouse and am studying through them, but the HTML course on Coursera was how I managed to make all that in the first place. Codeacademy is also a good place to get an introduction. I also used it to help me understand margin and padding a little better, but that’s where I left off before deciding to give Treehouse a try.

So far it’s great, but I’m wondering where personal projects come in, for practice and real world experience, but I’m gonna assume that’s for pro membership or something.

I’m guessing learning coding and gaining experience is basically trial and error and keeping up to date. Sounds stressful. But it’s also fun so far. Actually, HTML and CSS are kinda getting boring and hassling a little, I think I expected more …..sort of like logical thinky puzzles or something. But I guess you gotta create a system to solve it’s problems, I don’t know.

Not that HTML/CSS don’t have that, or that I’m ready for things past it. I’m still not whipping out that notebook I think. Partly because my internet problems suck so much that I’m constantly moving around and messing with my computer, and it’s hard to manage all the windows and resizing of windows I gotta do to use Treehouse, on top of switching to paper, and my laptop overheating easy and spontaneously turning off.  Maybe I’m rushing too much though. Chilllll….

This is here because sometimes a post’s featured photo won’t show up. My website!

Anyway, after I learned about responsive web design and other junk I realized my poor website might need a redo. Hahahaha. But I think I can make it easier now though. Hey, kinda my first website, that’s not too bad.

Ah, that underline under the header is new, I was trying to make it a link and decided I couldn’t be bothered to fix it at the moment since I was still watching a video on the stuff and figured I’d just go back and change it anyway. It’s not supposed to be there anyway.