Web Design Studying Progress

So here’s some progress in my knowledge, from a while ago. I ended up signing up with Treehouse and am studying through them, but the HTML course on Coursera was how I managed to make all that in the first place. Codeacademy is also a good place to get an introduction. I also used it to help me understand margin and padding a little better, but that’s where I left off before deciding to give Treehouse a try.

So far it’s great, but I’m wondering where personal projects come in, for practice and real world experience, but I’m gonna assume that’s for pro membership or something.

I’m guessing learning coding and gaining experience is basically trial and error and keeping up to date. Sounds stressful. But it’s also fun so far. Actually, HTML and CSS are kinda getting boring and hassling a little, I think I expected more …..sort of like logical thinky puzzles or something. But I guess you gotta create a system to solve it’s problems, I don’t know.

Not that HTML/CSS don’t have that, or that I’m ready for things past it. I’m still not whipping out that notebook I think. Partly because my internet problems suck so much that I’m constantly moving around and messing with my computer, and it’s hard to manage all the windows and resizing of windows I gotta do to use Treehouse, on top of switching to paper, and my laptop overheating easy and spontaneously turning off.  Maybe I’m rushing too much though. Chilllll….

This is here because sometimes a post’s featured photo won’t show up. My website!

Anyway, after I learned about responsive web design and other junk I realized my poor website might need a redo. Hahahaha. But I think I can make it easier now though. Hey, kinda my first website, that’s not too bad.

Ah, that underline under the header is new, I was trying to make it a link and decided I couldn’t be bothered to fix it at the moment since I was still watching a video on the stuff and figured I’d just go back and change it anyway. It’s not supposed to be there anyway.



It’s been months! 4 months!

Uhhh! Yeah! Idk, I kinda left the cosmic coven thing pretty quickly. It’s hard to do that sorta thing on a phone. I don’t think I can much now either since there’s not much internet in my room, and I’d wanna be private about it. And I have a laptop now! My mom helped as a birthday advance. I started using Amino for witchy communities. I’m exploring different sites for studying HTML/CSS and doing a course on coursera. I was mildly depressed and frantic the last two weeks so that put a damper on things and I stopped studying, as a result of hypomania induced room clutter. But I’m trying to be organized again. It’s a WIP, throughout the cycling. I made a list and I hope to journal again on here as part of being….organized and well. I can’t ignore art and expression and writing as a part of self-care I’m realizing…finally haha. I need to schedule these things too, or make time for them anyway. Yup.

There’s a lot more like dreams about my dad and his side of the family, consistent beer drinking the last two weeks (usually 1), and making an Amino community today and my vaguely coming to understand my mild abandonment issues (is that what it is? something lonely, needy, reactive, isolated, brooding and feeling left out anyway). I’ve been getting back into tarot again as I usually do after a few months. Stuff like that. Stuff that’s happened before, and stuff I’ve been improving on again.

Alright, thanks! 🙂


Green Apple Lolipop

So , I don’t feel like I have anything in particular to report.

I just went to therapy. It was nice. Talked about dreams, sleep paralysis, quitting smoking, bears, animal guides/patronuses, etc. Turns out my therapist is a harry potter fan, and low-key probably uses tumblr, and got Black Bear as her patronus in the Pottermore quiz. Go Figure!

I feel self-conscious blogging at the library sometimes because people can see me. I am eating a green apple lolipop. I stole an extra 2 from the bank.

I’ve saved up money. This is the first time I’ve had two hundred dollars saved up, and from my first paycheck this month. Like without spending it. LET’S HOPE I DON’T SPEND IT. HA-HA.

Found out that cheap grocery store I always think is far away is next to my therapy place and the library. THIS WHOLE TIME. I could save money on groceries!

The online coven I’m in is still fun. I joined the voice chat for the first time and it was really cool and cute. I’ve also noticed that I need to work on my pronoun game. I think I might need to go through the introductions and write everyone’s down next to their username because most people are still usernames to me (and people change them sometimes). I’m kind of confused with my own pronouns sometimes. Everyone uses she in real life.

A librarian asked me if “these keys were mine” and I got de ja vu.

My room is a mess. I’m hanging out with my boyfriend tonight. I need to clean my room. Maybe I should’ve said no to hanging out tonight. I guess I can still change my mind. It’s been like this for a couple weeks I think. I should make tuesday chore and errand day.

Early this morning the cat, who is normally a fluffball of adorable nonconfrontation and who is currently subletting until his owner picks him up, was yelling and would not shut up. Ran to the door, ran to the window, hissed softly if you approached, was yelling and meowing the whole time. I wondered what the deal was because our other roommate is back and I know they don’t like cats (or at least has trouble living with them) and the cat has never done this before. It made me wonder if they hissed at each other or something. I also made the mistake of leaving my room open so they ran into my room and hopped at my window, which was open enough to hear birds chirping as the sun rose, a small cool refreshing breeze, and still the cat wouldn’t shut up for a while, and lal al lala it was a whole thing, and I gave up and eventually the cat was quiet and seemed content. I woke up 4 hours later and the cat was still there. I guess they just wanted some outdoors feeling or something.

Cat is still cute.

I’ve been remembering my dreams more and seeing how they all connect to my waking life and stuff. Also, my therapist had an idea. I have been wary of dream journaling because I don’t want to have a lucid dream. She said writing generally and not including details, or writing like what it means or meant to you could get around it, since I wouldn’t be including dream signs and stuff. That could help. And help me deal with my feelings and stuff.

The only thing is sometimes I feel like the gist is more important to remembering dreams, like the essence. But if I don’t write down the itty bitty overwhelming details, it might be enough. I have a dream journal good for that too, so that works out in terms of my past purchase, haha.

I really need to clean my room. And also call the landlord and get my ceiling fixed. My roommate is back so they could maybe do something, or someone else who lives here can figure it out, and get paid. It’s just annoying because winter is soon. My bed is also kind of uncomfortable.

I wish I had more to say. But I feel pretty good. Or neutral anyway. My therapist also asked if I journaled, and hey, luckily I started this month! 🙂 Ok really, how is journaling or jounralling or journaled not in the dictionary???