13 Gods of Wicked + Divine #FancastFriday

Omg these are so perfect, also I learned a lot about the characters that I hadn’t. I am still waiting on Vol 5 though. Of course Sekmet is based on Rihanna, holy cheese.


For quite awhile now I’ve been a firm believer that if Image comics ever decides to enter the film and television race with Marvel and DC, that it would be over for everyone. Image comics has produced some of the most critically acclaimed and talked about stories amongst comic book readers in decades. Image is home to hits like Rat Queens, Saga, Sex Criminals, and the amazing Wicked + Divine. Wicked + Divine is one of the two comics that were my first introductions to Image and the interesting and oftentimes unique stories that they tell. Ever since I read Wicked + Divine I’ve had a desire to see this insanely unique and fun story make the leap from comic to live action. The story features a diverse and amazing cast of characters that would translate extremely well into a live action television show on HBO or Netflix.


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