Full moon in paralysis

Simmering silently
Full moon
Boils the beer in my blood, drank hours ago

His teeth hurt, leaves an hour into sleeping

I bob
Start floating
Into the world, I reach for salt

Did I knock something over?

Watch – this shape in the darkness
Transforms into an amber rat, like the amber cat he praised
Muscles tensed we do not move

Waves crash, fresh water
Floating still
Blearily rise, fall
Arousal in my side, buzzing in my spleen

Shake it off through my fingers

Rise, fall

Morse code tapping, no sounds, no sounds

It’s not his fault, he can never rest well with me

Rise to the surface
Turn on all the suns
Press play for Mitch
Transforms into the audience eerie chorus of laughter, owl hoots

Roll that cigarette, California Pipes
A bear snorting outside, All Together now
Nocturnal web, original muses sharing their scripted addlings
I join in.

Might be safe to swim again

A cat appears! A bird cheeps.
Cicada storms, tip taps, dry oceanscapes

Who’s there?

Hedburg head on lightning sweet 

Lightning in my bones


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