It’s been months! 4 months!

Uhhh! Yeah! Idk, I kinda left the cosmic coven thing pretty quickly. It’s hard to do that sorta thing on a phone. I don’t think I can much now either since there’s not much internet in my room, and I’d wanna be private about it. And I have a laptop now! My mom helped as a birthday advance. I started using Amino for witchy communities. I’m exploring different sites for studying HTML/CSS and doing a course on coursera. I was mildly depressed and frantic the last two weeks so that put a damper on things and I stopped studying, as a result of hypomania induced room clutter. But I’m trying to be organized again. It’s a WIP, throughout the cycling. I made a list and I hope to journal again on here as part of being….organized and well. I can’t ignore art and expression and writing as a part of self-care I’m realizing…finally haha. I need to schedule these things too, or make time for them anyway. Yup.

There’s a lot more like dreams about my dad and his side of the family, consistent beer drinking the last two weeks (usually 1), and making an Amino community today and my vaguely coming to understand my mild abandonment issues (is that what it is? something lonely, needy, reactive, isolated, brooding and feeling left out anyway). I’ve been getting back into tarot again as I usually do after a few months. Stuff like that. Stuff that’s happened before, and stuff I’ve been improving on again.

Alright, thanks! 🙂


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