Resources for Persephone devotees

Pulling stuff from Amino and putting it here.

This was a comment but I thought I’d make it a blog for search purposes.

luckily for us broke fools, pomegranate tea is popular

Pomegranate juice, or pomegranate tea ($3) are good offerings. Pomegranate juice can be kinda pricey as a regular offering, but when falls come around you can always freeze the fruits. You know they make pomegranate deseeders?! Like $10 ones?!

this one is not ten, but they also give you Thor’s hammer

It’s crazy and effective. Also turns out you can eat the seeds and they’re good for you, instead of spitting them out. Changed my life. Anyway -ahem-

Shadow Harvest

Shadow Harvest on YouTube is a Persephone devotee, and Loki. She is very active and talks about her frequently.

Joey Morris, and Cris Ashburn

Joey Morris on YouTube has a great video on her and talks about her sometimes.

Tumblr also has some info and a loooot of art since she was popular for a while there. She still sort of is.


Also on Tumblr, Coloricioso has some amazing Persephone art, in many forms and they’re rather affordable. She also has a comic called The Not so Homeric Hymn to Demeter which is very funny and cute.


Also on Tumblr, fdevitart does Persephone art, and just put out a beautiful comic short story about Persephone. Here’s the link.

the Wicked + the Divine

The graphic novel The Wicked + Divine also has an interesting take on gods and features a Persephone incarnation as the main character. You might be able to find it at your library or library system. You could get it mailed from another county or state library through their web portal or at the help desk.

The musical album Hadestown, directed? by Anaïs Mitchell, an American depression-era rendition of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, which includes the song Our Lady of the Underground, which Persephone is singing. Hades is the bougie villain though. It’s on Youtube, here. It’s a phenomenal album. Also, Bon Iver plays Orpheus?! The Skinny Love, Holocene guy. Neato.

Amber Gray as Persephone

Hadestown had also been turned into an off Broadway play, if you can find it! Someday!

This website: The Captain. They used to be active on witchy aminos, including Pagans and Witches, as kingofthefranks, but I’m afraid they might not be active anymore. They’ve made a free to download album called “An Absence of Spring,” based on the Persephone myth. The photographs are also really beautiful and well-done.

Overly Sarcastic Productions on YouTube, they do a lot of hilarious cartoon tellings of myth and history, and is one of my favorite channels. They have a few featuring Persephone, Hades, and many other Greek deities, demigods, and other pantheons too.

The Persephone Tarot by Circo!

Circo makes awesome decks. Indie decks woo!

Thanks! Hope this has been helpful :heart:


I made bleu cheese roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese with half black bomber cheddar (my favorite cheeessse, Im the cheese department manager ✌🏿 and it’s sole employee 🤪😅, so I get myself wholesale cheese haha 🤸🏾‍♀️🌈) and part parmesan crust.

And my guy made a sweet potato pie I think with almond flour crust, and cranberry sauce. ⭐🎉🎉

I have a lot of weird feelings about Thanksgiving and I remember I brought it up as a teen to my family (we’re east African immigrants). My uncle said something to the effect of it’s true and fucked up, and since they were new to this country they didn’t know and just liked the idea of celebrating the blessings of life and having gratitude, so everyone started doing it together. Im sure there’s more depth there than the average family, especially amongst immigrant and refugee families, and those who remember cultural festivals and events back home that aren’t really the same here, if people even try to celebrate them period. Along with the harvest festivals that Thanksgiving tends to replace or mimic or something.

But I also have fond memories of it, and the family memories it brings up. Having traditional and American food mixed together on the same table, and being little shits and laughing and having fun and being weird while our parents tried to make us pray and say thanks and verbally express or just display gratitude for the lives we are blessed to have.

I’m not sure what the answer is. I think people would say just stop celebrating it, because it’s a shit holiday and the shitty pilgrims and indigenous rights are constantly in danger or suppressed and their voices aren’t being heard, and the whole premise of this holiday sits on a foundation of deceit and trauma.

I would sometimes wonder about the hypocrisy of it, truthfully. But it was in direct contrast to how we spent that time together. It felt more like an expression of our…ethnicity. the music, the smells, the food, the language, the people.

So I’ll keep wondering about that. For now, I’ve been dealing with a lot of shit and I’m going to enjoy this food and call my family and wish I was with them, and they’ll yell at me all at once, and then I’ll spend time with my guy’s brother and partner.